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What is SEO?

Hello, I made a video as an attempt to explain some important aspects of SEO. These basic steps apply to all businesses. Not all SEO Services are the same!! There may be cheaper services claiming to do SEO work, but you may find that you don’t see long-term, if any, real results. Results are reflected in your ROI for my services.

I have a special blend of techniques that are way beyond what other ‘SEO’ firms or people are doing. Most of theme are just trying to pull the wool over your eyes, charge you money and not get results.

Below the first video you can see some actual video analysis’ I have done for other businesses.

I normally provide video consultations for $550, but mention my website for $50 off.  Includes a video and 30 minute phone consultation.  This will really open your eyes to what is going on with your website.

Contact me if you would like a personalized video consultation for your business. 206-227-0374 Thanks, Bill